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final reflection

Describe each artifact/work sample, where it can be found, and your development process.  Explain what makes this worthy of a final project? For instance: a photo can just be someone taking a picture of their shoes, or it could be a photo that a lot of planning and editing went into... right? Write about how each artifact/work sample demonstrates your growth, competencies and accomplishments.
For my final project I did photography, photoshopped the pictures that I took, and then created a screencast about how I used photoshop.  At the end I compiled all of this into a presentation that can be found on my blog along with the screencast. Each of my 5 photos demonstrate knowledge of each of the principles and techniques of photography that we have learned this year.  Each of the photos were edited using my Iphone or photopia. These photographs demonstrate a knowledge of photography principles and were planned to be compatible with photoshop lessons from earlier in the class.
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10 Breakthrough Technologies blog post-

Of the 10 new innovations the only one I was aware of was AI, because I see it in my  house with an amazon alexa. The most interesting of the inventions was the carbon dioxide catcher.  This seems like a really exciting discovery because of how important and urgent global warming is. Because of this the impact of this invention would be widespread and world changing.  I also found the custom cancer vaccine very interesting because of how many people it could potentially help. On a personal level the cow free burger was cool because I'm vegetarian so i would be super excited to try something like this.